Stylish Saturday: A stylish clown birthday party

Ok, so for my first Stylish Saturday post, I have decided to blog about my daughter’s clown school birthday party held in March this year. YEP, clown school!

clown school birthday party by Home Made Parties

I think that this is ideal for my first stylish saturday post. Running a clown business, a clown themed party was perfect for my daughter, so, in honour of her 9th birthday, 14 guests were sent to clown school.

Um, at this point I should probably warn you that on the old blog I was notorious for LONG blog posts…

Anyway, all the children who attended clown school received matching book bags complete with custom designed colouring sheet, class timetable, joke card, their own unique magic trick, face template (for the children to design their own clown faces for face painting) and clown balloons. These children are so lucky as not only do they have all those goodies, they all now have new library bags for school. Personally, I think the bags are gorgeous.

Fabric book bags at clown school birthday party by Home Made Parties

The children got into their very own clown costumes and decorated their very own coordinating clown party hats. (If they finished their hats, they could work on their colouring sheets). The hats were set up on the tables, covered with brown Kraft paper and set with matching spotty plates, spotty serviettes (napkins), a name tag with matching love heart lollipop for each child, and balloon centrepieces (I made them).

clown party hats: ready for decorating by the children as a party craft activity. Great idea by Home Made Parties.

The children were seriously blown away!!! And it was seriously FUN to watch.

Costumes were presented in a brown paper bag, with matching name tags of course. I totally love how the hats match the flags, match the bags… in case you couldn’t tell we have a thing for clown spots!

Clown school party hats by Home Made Parties

The children worked very hard on both their party hats and their colouring sheets.

clown school birthday party by Home Made Parties: the 'classroom'!

It was then time for them to design their own clown faces – which were later painted onto them. After lessons in magic trick lessons and joke telling, it was lunch time. All the ‘students’ had returned a lunch order slip as their RSVP, so were very excited when their lunches were delivered.

I had to show this one (I love the ‘no blueberry’ comment)!

After lunch was balloon modelling class, followed by the clown performance.

Clown school birthday party - by the fabulous Home Made Parties

The children were such star performers and stood out the front to perform their magic tricks. (I was very proud of them all).

Clown school birthday party - the magic show! by the fabulous Home Made Parties

After the performance we had a clown nose presentation, sang happy birthday and had some cake (and afternoon tea). We had clown cupcakes, toffee apples, apples, clown confectionery, home made biscuits/cookies and the most adorable clown cake pops EVER!!! With the addition of some milk to drink (hey it was clown school) and some plain jane brown paper bags turned into coordinating lolly (candy) bags, the afternoon tea was complete.

toffee apples for clown school by Home Made Parties

brown paper lunch bags turned into party favour lolly bags

clown school birthday party by Home Made Parties

Did I mention the clown pops?

clown school birthday party by Home Made Parties, clown pops by RubyJu

clown school birthday party by Home Made Parties clown cakepops by RubyJu

For the party favours, the children received a jar of clown noses (red jelly beans) and the cutest, most gorgeous custom made, polymer clay clown magnets EVER.

The chocolate cake was frosted about an hour before the children arrived. Can you sense my stress???!!! Yes, I made this cake (with the spot cake bunting). Still I was delighted with the simplicity of it.

home made cake and cake bunting by Home Made Parties

clown school birthday party featuring spotty choc mud cake - by the fabulous Home Made Parties

chocolate mud cake - sprinkles optional by Home Made Parties

This party was featured on Amy Atlas Events and Kara’s Party Ideas. What an honour. But it is even more exciting to showcase it on my very own blog. To all the wonderful children who came, Lou and I hope that this memory will stay in your memory bank for a long long time. To my beautiful party girls Amy, Kerrie and Kylie THANK YOU. (Also big thanks to Monique for staying to help).

I hope that you are feeling inspired to host your own clown party very soon. It’s a timeless theme.

Jane xx

Clown school birthday party by Home Made Parties


The following vendors made this party possible:

Glass jars: The Little Big Company

Invitations, printables, tags, invitations: Graphic Culture

Jelly Beans: Sweet Style

Cake pops: RubyJu

Fondant cupcake/cookie toppers: Jamosie Sweet

Other confectionery: Lolly World and Wallies Lollies

Magic tricks: The Magic Vault

Polymer clay clown magnets: Arts in Hands

Photography: Kylie Anderson

Sewing, clown skills and custom theme creation/party styling: ME (Home Made Parties)



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  1. Bobbie says:

    Wow, what a great party! So much detail & looks like so much fun! I wish I was there :-) I would love to host a clown party for one of my kids for sure.

  2. very nice post Jane!

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