Home Made organic beeswax lip balm recipe

Hello lovelies and hello lovely blog. What’s new with me…? Well, like everyone I’m working hard on stopping what I call ‘the glorification of busy’. More on that another time.

Ok, one of my fave local businesses has just opened up their new website. I’m excited. Northern Light Candle Company produces wonderful organic beeswax candles – you have to go check out the new site AND if you subscribe by midnight Sunday, you can get 15% off your order. Wow! This company kind of epitomises what I believe in, less waste, organic, local, hand made, non toxic (like commercial candles are!) and the message to appreciate the simplicity of a candle light, reminds me to slow down. Anyway, I noticed that they sell beeswax drops and kind of wondered why… well, to make your own lip balm of course. I must admit, in the past I’ve simply used virgin coconut oil on my lips, but at the beginning of winter, when they start to dry out terribly, coconut oil was just not doing it for me anymore! So, I discovered this recipe and really can’t wait to try it.

Let me know if you make your own lip balm too, or if you try this one! Now, I just need to find a GLASS, not plastic jar in which to store the lip balm. Don’t you think it would make amazing party favours and gifts?

Until next time,

Jane xx

ps I have not been paid, endorsed, sponsored, bribed, persuaded, coerced or even suggested to blog about this. I like the business, I want to try making the lip balm and I blog. Simple as that. This is why I didn’t copy the recipe onto my own blog! 

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  1. Jane, I stumbled across your blog whilst looking for fabulous parties to pin to my Pinterests boards – I absolutely love, love, love, what you are doing here. The presentation is just so refreshing and uncluttered. You are doing a fine job here and I shall keep you in my faves, so as you update your pics, I can pin them to my board!

    By the way, so inspired by this Beeswax Lipbalm, I shall certainly be popping over to Northern Light Candle Co to see what they have for the offering too! Great stuff, keep up the good work and fantastic inspirations! Ann x

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